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YALI. The Founder.



Pia Zanardi, originally Italian, was born in a textile and art obsessed family. At an early age, she followed her family’s passion as she fell in love with her grandmother’s couture pieces and the family’s Chinese antiques that have been collected for generations. Over the past decade, she has traveled and lived between Shanghai, Beijing and rural parts of China, and learned the mainland’s intriguing traditions. After studying International Business and Chinese culture in London, she now resides in New York where she launched YALI.


YALI. The Meaning.

YALI 雅丽, in Chinese means smooth and elegant. The name was given to Pia from her landlord in China and has been her Chinese name since. However, to Pia, YALI meant more than just a name. It represented the intricate Chinese craftsmanship, the elegant and romantic traditional clothing silhouettes, and adventure to the unknown. Through YALI, Pia aims to create a culture of ethical luxury by reinventing the ancient Chinese crafts, clothing shapes, and stories. YALI connects to the new millennium elite who is now more than ever looking for something unique and well made.



YALI. The Blazers.




YALI’s modern and archaic blazers are inspired by the jackets first worn in China during the Tang Dynasty and still are admired amongst all tiers of Chinese society for their beauty, fit and durability. The jacket of emperors, artists and farmers, it is an essential yet timeless piece. YALI introduces modern innovation of the jackets through sophisticated details, materials, and hues. The features evoke the elegance of China with a Euro-bohemian twist for Cosmopolitan women and men. 


YALI. The ECO Textiles. 



YALI uses ethically made pure and natural textiles such as Suzhou silk and Nankeen linen that develop unique imperfection overtime, telling the story of the person who wears them. Carefully curated selections of jade stone buttons and traditional Chinese embroidery by local artists in Yunnan reflect Pia’s vision for detail and authenticity. 

YALI. The Logo

YALI’s logo was hand designed by Mheain, a Chinese artist from the creative community north of Beijing. Mheain reimagined the ancient figure of Zhong Kui who symbolizes a protector and guardian spirit. The logo protects YALI men and women, the nomads of the new millennium with its aura of rhythmic and protective elegance.